R-Series bar contactors

A flexible solution for heavy industry with performance beyond the limits of standard contactors.

High performance

  • High making and breaking capacity
  • Thermal current up to 5000A
  • Voltage up to 1000VAC and 1500VDC, special units up to 2250VDC



  • Multipole versions
  • Combination of normally open and normally closed main contacts
  • AC or DC control voltage
  • Can be equipped with a large number of auxiliary contacts
  • Wide range of accessories like mechanical latch and mechanical interlocks
  • Standard range and customer adapted solutions


For industry and power generation

  • Mines
  • Steelworks
  • Inductive furnaces
  • Cranes
  • Pump stations
  • Hydro power plants
  • Photovoltaic power plants
  • Battery systems, energy storage
  • Railway systems

    For slip-ring motor starting

    As main contactor and as special versions with up to 6 poles as rotor short-circuit contactors. Versions available for rotor current up to 3800A and rotor voltage up to 4200V.


    For closed transition star-delta starting

    As main contactor, Y contactor and D contactor for motors up to 1300kW. A resistor is connected into circuit during the transition from star to delta, thus the motor speed will be basically the same and minimize the current peaks.


    For autotransformer starting

    As main contactor, transformer contactor and star contactor for motors up to 1000kW.


    For synchronous machines and excitation system

    Alternator field discharge (or field circuit breakers) are used to control the field winding of synchronous machines or exciter machines. In case of disturbances, the contactors ensure a definite disconnection from the supply source and the subsequent discharge of the energy stored in the machine magnetic circuit via a discharge resistor. The contactors are normally configured with

    • Two or three normally open main poles, suitable for up to 2250 VDC with a circuit time constant L/R <15ms
    • One normally closed main pole, make before break


    For DC motor starting

    Shunt and series motors up to 5000A and 15000VDC.

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    Börje Jansson
    Product specialist
    Micael Hellström