NH solid blade fuses

The assortment includes a range of different NH solid blade fuses, fuse bases and solid links intended for different purposes and applications.

NH solid blade fuses are the most common fuse type for higher currents in Sweden. Our range suits the majority of applications and is available in various sizes with matching fuse bases for easy installation.

With us, you will find industrial and high-speed fuses according to IEC60269, available in six utilization classes:

  • gG, cable, line and general protection
  • aM, motor protection, short circuit protection only
  • aR, high speed fuse, short circuit protection only
  • gR, high speed fuse, overload and short circuit protection
  • gPV, high speed fuse, for photovoltaic protection
  • gBat, high speed fuse, for energy storage and battery protection

For installation either in fuse bases or in fuse switch disconnectors.

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NH solid blade fuses