Wind direction indicator, wind cones

Wind direction indicator for airports, heliports and general locations.

Wind direction indicators and wind cones are used to display wind direction and to a certain degree the wind speed. Our wind cones are installed at airports, heliports and on locations such as along roads with high and varying wind forces and on bridges.

Authorities like fire departments may require that wind cones are installed on industries where there is a risk of release of hazardous substances.

Wind direction indicator for airports and heliports are supplied with:

  • Striped or in single colour wind sock
  • Sock lighting
  • Obstruction lights, LED with IR, in compliance with Swedish Transport Agency’s regulations TSFS 2020:88
  • Lowering device
  • 230V 50Hz
  • ICAO Annex 14 Vol II and EASA compliance

Wind direction indicators for industry and public places like bridges are available in different customized variations.

Wind cones
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