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MCBs, earth fault protection

We supply a wide range of miniature circuit breakers from Eaton, produced according to various standards, IEC, UL and CSA. One speciality is MCBs and earth fault protectors manufactured according to UL489/943/1053.

Quicklag MCBs and GFCIs

Quicklag Miniature circuit breakers are designed according to UL489 and meet the NEC requirements for Branch Circuit Protection. The MCBs can be used to protect receptacles, for primary transformer protection etc. The MCBs are available in the current range 10-60 A with 10/22 kA interrupting rating at 240 VAC.

Quicklag residual current breakers, GFCI combine the breaker with earth fault protection in the same unit. GFCI for personal protection trips at 5 mA, GFCI for equipment protection trips at 30 mA earth fault current. The GFCIs for personal protection meets the latest issue of UL943, which require a self-test feature.

For protection of special circuits, like bedrooms, NEC requires special breakers ‘Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters’. We can also supply complete distribution boards, ‘loadcenters’.


A modern MCB manufactured according to IEC60947-2 with breaking capacity of 15kA at 400VAC. The MCBs are available in rated currents from 0,16 to 63A, tripping characteristics B, C, D, K, s; and Z. Most types are UL recognized to UL1077 for Supplementary protection.

We can also offer a version manufactured according to UL489, hence approved for Branch circuit protection. The MCBs are available in rated currents from 0,5 to 40A, breaking capacity 7,5kA at 480Y/277VAC, tripping characteristics B, C and D.

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