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Air cooled braking resistors

An external braking resistor provides a compact, cost-effective method of controlling braking and absorbing excess energy produced. We have the expertise to help you select the right braking resistor. Just tell us

Resistance value
Specified by the drive manufacturer. Higher resistance value can be used but the braking power will be reduced proportionally

Voltage over the resistor
For most common drive applications, the switching voltage is around 700V, Cressall standard resistors can operate up to 1000V. Contact us for higher voltages.

Braking energy
Determined from the energy generated by each braking. If detailed information of the braking energy is not available, we can help with an estimation.

Duty cycle
Number of braking’s per time unit.

The more information we get; a more optimized solution can be offered. Extensive research and testing of individual resistor element makes it possible to predict the temperature rise in the resistor for different duty cycles. The result can be presented in the form of a temperature curve over time. Send us your inquiry!