Class CF CUBEfuse

Offers the same performance as class J fuses but with up to a 70% smaller footprint.

CUBEFuse class CF time delay fuses are now available in currents up to 400A.

Offers Branch circuit protection (NEC 240), motor protection (NEC 430), high interrupting rating, up to 300 kA, current limiting.

Time delay fuses used for cable protection should be sized so that the rated current is not higher than the current carrying capacity of the conductor. The continuous load current should not exceed 80% of the fuse rated current. Special rules apply for small conductors, AWG18 to AWG10.

Time delay fuses for protection of standard three-phase motors, maximum fuse size is 175% of motor full load current. For heavy starts, the fuse size can be increased to max 225% of the motor full load current. Recommended sizing is normally 125-130% of the full load current for normal starting conditions.

Time delay fuses for transformer protection, primary and secondary fuses, are sized to max 250% of the full load current on the primary side and max 125% or next standard rating (<9 A max 167%) on the secondary side. Time delay fuses for capacitor protection, fuses are normally sized between are used and sized between 150-175% of the capacitor rated current.

Fast acting fuses are available up to 100A and are normally used to protect critical loads like UPS systems.

CUBEFuse Wind is specifically designed to protect low-fault current conditions that occur in wind power generation systems. Rated voltage is 690VAC and they are available in currents up to 100A.

Both fuses and fuse holders are finger safe, IP20.

Product specialist
Börje Jansson
Product specialist
Micael Hellström