CHS Controls Main suppliers

Eaton Corporation, our former owner. A global technology leader in electrical, hydraulic and vehicle industry with an annual turnover of USD 20,9 billion 2015 and have ca 97000 employees. We are working with products from the Electrical Sector with brands as


Eaton Cutler-Hammer, low and medium voltage products and systems.

Internet: Eaton Electrical


Eaton Bussmann Series, the world's largest manufacturer of fuses and fuse gear for industrial use.

Internet: Eaton Bussmann Series


Eaton Crouse-Hinds Series, a leading manufacturer of installation products and products for use in hazardous locations according to North American standard.

Eaton Crouse-Hinds Series Airport Lighting Products is one of the largest suppliers of airport lighting, with majority of the installations in America and Asia.

Internet: Eaton Crouse-Hinds Series 


Eaton Wiring Devices manufactures wiring devices, primarily according to North American standards. The industrial range is promoted under the brand Arrow Hart.

Internet: Eaton Wiring Devices

Cressall Resistors have more than 100 years of experience of power resistors, from a few watts up to megawatts.

Cressall resistors are since 2006 part of the Telema Group, the largest resistor manufacturer in Europe.

Internet: Cressall Resistors

Power Prove is a division of Cressall Resistors, focused entirely on load banks. The product range consists of load banks for both AC and DC testing, standard products and custom designs.

Internet: Power Prove

Telarc offers a wide range of DC contactors and DC circuit breakers developed for railway, industrial and energy storage applications there “handling the current” is a must.

The product range also include modular bar contactors up to 500A for demanding industrial applications, both for AC and DC.

Internet: Telarc

Grace Technologies is a family operated company founded with safety and productivity in mind. Innovative solutions like GracePort panel interface connector panels, SafeSide voltage indicators and safe test-points are designed to “Making maintenance safer, smarter and more productive”.


OCEM Energy Technology is a leading European manufacturer of airport lights and constant current regulators.


Obelux Finland is a company focusing on obstruction and aviation lights based on LED technology. The product range consists of low, medium and high intensity obstruction lights as well as aerodrome and heliport beacons.


Avlite Systems is a technology leader in the design and production of obstruction lights and solar-powered aviation lighting equipment.



nVent Hoffman is the largest manufacturer of enclosures, climate control and accessories in North America.  nVent Hoffman is expanding its product range for the European market with local manufacturing in Poland. 

Internet: nVent Hoffman

Leading manufacturer of warning signals, both visible and audible, for machine safety. A wide range of products for installation in hazardous locations is also available.

Internet: Federal Signal - Industrial

Cooper Lighting Solutions is a leading North American manufacturer of industrial lighting.

Resolux is a Danish manufacturer of different types of lighting fixtures.

Internet: Resolux