Eaton offers transformers manufactured according to North American standards in the power range 25VA to 20000kVA.

The transformers are designed according to ANSI standard, the majority is also UL and CSA approved.

Control power transformers

In North America, control voltage is normally created from a control power transformer. The most common control voltage is 120VAC. A control power transformer should be sized so that the voltage drop on the secondary side does not exceed 5%.

Primary and secondary side shall be protected according to the requirements in UL508 and NEC. Normally fuses class CC are used on the primary side.

Eaton type MTE and MTK control power transformers are the perfect solution. The transformers are UL listed and CSA certified according to the latest standard, UL5085, available in the range 50-5000VA and with a wide range of different primary and secondary voltages. MTE transformers are supplied with built-in fuseholders for fuses for protection according to NEC requirements. Suitable fuses and separate fuseholders can be found in the Eaton Bussmann Series wide range.

Dry type distribution transformers

We offer a wide range of dry type distribution transformers. The transformers are designed according to ANSI and NEMA standard, the majority is UL and CSA approved. The transformers also meet the US Federal Requirements for energy efficient, NEMA TP1-2002, including the latest requirements enforced by law 2016-01-01, DOE2016.

The product line consists of single phase and three phase transformers with 4,16kV primary voltage or lower and in powers up to 500kVA. The transformers are normally supplied enclosed for indoor use. Special versions with electrostatic shield, isolation transformers and marine duty transformers are also available.

Another specialty is Mini Power Centers i.e. a transformer with primary circuit breaker and a secondary distribution centre, all in one unit.

Product specialist
Börje Jansson