Limit switches and sensors

We offer a wide range of different sensors from Eaton.

All designed for long and trouble-free operation in harsh environments.

Limit switches

The best limit switch in the world? E50 limit switches will work reliable for many years, regardless of climates like arctic cold or tropical heat.

E50 is a modular limit switch offering unmatched flexibility. A complete line of operating heads, switch bodies, sockets and operating levers makes it easy to suit most applications.

For the most demanding applications a special sealed version is available - E50 6P+. Switch body and socket are epoxy filled to prevent cutting fluids or similar to damage sensitive connections. It is also submersible down to 1,8 m depth. The epoxy filling also makes the limit switches more resistant against vibration and shock. The limit switch is connected via a preinstalled rubber cable or via a connector.

The same operation heads and levers are used both for E50 and E50 6P+.

We offer below types besides E50

  • E47 precision limit switches
  • LS-Titan limit switches
  • Special versions for installation in hazardous locations


Inductive sensors

Square body, round or pancake type, cable or connector termination, regardless of application, Eaton offers a suitable inductive sensor. Long life, also in harsh environments, is highest priority.

Also examples of the latest technology are in the product range, for example the programmable inductive sensor iProx and AccuProx, a sensor with linear analogue output.

Photoelectric sensors

Eaton photoelectric sensors are available in a large number of versions, all for easy adaptation to each individual application. The photoelectric sensors offer innovative technique as PerfectProx background rejection and TargetLock positioning tool.

The photoelectric sensors are designed for long and reliable duty in most environments.

Product specialist
Micael Hellström
Limit switches and sensors