PanelMate operator interface

Today’s manufacturing environment is complex and require an operator interface that offers control, reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

An easy to use operator interface simplifies control, monitoring and troubleshooting. With the right information, maintenance is minimized, unplanned downtime is avoided.

One of the operator interface pioneer was PanelMate, one of the first operator stations that offered a cost effective, user-friendly graphical user interface for the operator. A winning concept that is still very popular among users. The operator interfaces have drivers for the major PLC manufacturer’s and also offers bus communication. They are available in different screen sizes, touch screens and touch panel.

Today, PanelMate is produced by ATS, Advanced Technology Services, they are now producing Panel Mate PowerPro type 1785T, 1785K, 3000 and 5000 Series. In addition, carry out repairs and maintenance of all types of PanelMate operator stations.

ATS represented by CHS Controls, we will help you with both new units and repairs of older units.

Product specialist
Micael Hellström
PanelMate operator interface