Square body fuses

High speed square body fuses are the commonly used type in Europe.

The standard product line consists of a large number of types up to 1300 VAC, currents up to 5500A.

The fuses are available in four main types

  • DIN80L slotted L-blade fuses, size 000-00
  • DIN80/DIN110 slotted blade fuses, size 1*-3
  • French standard slotted blade fuses, size 1*-3
  • Flush end contact fuses, size 1*-5
  • Square body fuses are normally installed between busbars but fuseholders are available for DIN80L and DIN80/DIN110 fuses.

    Square body solid blade fuses can also be used for some DC applications, contact CHS Controls for selection and sizing.

    Product specialist
    Börje Jansson