Full flush inset lights

A range of protective adapters for full flush inset light.

Standard airport lighting fixtures from OCEM will be full flush with our special desined protective adapters.

Inset lights have a protrusion of 6 mm or 12mm. CHS Controls full flush solutions consists of a special designed protective adapter in combination with a standard fixture from OCEM. We offer uni-directional, bi-diretional and omi-directional full flush runway light designs.


  • Protection against external damages from snow plows and brushes
  • Very long lifetime
  • Very little spare part requirements
  • Standard delivery times for fixtures and protective adapter
  • Protective adapters for asphalt and concrete runways
  • Rapid clearance of run- and taxiways
  • Minimize the tail hook problem on fighter jets


Product specialist
Micael Hellström
Full flush inset lights