Constant Current Regulators, Control System and Accessories

We offer modern constant current regulators and airport ground lighting control system from OCEM.

Constant Current Regulators - CCR

OCEM offers a line of modern thyristor-controlled constant current regulators for single phase and three phase power supply. The regulators are energy-efficient, have a modular design which simplifies maintenance. Windows-based software makes it possible to see parameters and waveforms. It also allows for modifications, fault finding and future upgrades.

AGLC - Airport Ground Lighting Control

AGLC is am OCEM developed software package for control and supervision of the airport lighting. It can be used both on regional and international airports due to its modular and scalable design.

Series Circuits Cutout

Ensure safe and reliable cutout between CCR and lighting during maintenance.

Product specialist
Micael Hellström
Constant Current Regulators, Control System and Accessories