The widest range on the market for MCCBs for voltages up to 1000VAC and rated current up to 2500A.

Series G/Power Defence MCCBs

Series G/Power Defence is an MCCB for global use, with UL/CSA/KEMA-KEUR approval as standard. It meets all important standards as IEC60947 UL489, CSA C22.2 No 5 and CCC. Independent third-party certification ensures that the MCCBs always meet their exact standards.

The current range 15-2500 A is covered by five frame sizes. The most logically designed contact assembly offers current limiting and high interrupting capacity. A complete line of internal and external accessories is also available.

The same MCCB can be used for both IEC applications and for North America. Series G MCCBs are UL489 listed and meet the requirements in National Electrical Code (NEC) for Branch circuit protection, Motor branch circuit protection and as Disconnecting means. Latest addition is MCCBs with very high interrupting capacity. A partly redesigned contact system with faster opening offers very high performance in a compact format. The MCCBs are also listed as ‘Current Limiting’ according to UL489.

NZM effektbrytare

The NZM MCCBs range up to 1600 A and incorporate four frame sizes with performance overlaps. These are available from 25 kA for small distribution boards up to 150 kA for complex high-energy systems.

A new digital range will be introduced during 2020, with improved protection as well as energy management and communication features.

MCCBs for 1000VAC applications

Eaton offers a wide range of compact MCCBs for 1000 V applications in the current range 16-2000 A. The MCCBs are especially designed for mining applications.

The current range 16-2000 A is covered by 6 frame sizes. The trip units are available in two versions, thermal-magnetic or magnetic type. Some larger types use electronic trip units.

MCCBs up to 150 A are only 105x152 mm. The breakers can be mounted direct side-by side. Wide range of accessories

A wide range of accessories is available, both internal and external.

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Börje Jansson