Conduit types

There are several types of conduits available for the North American market.

Size is normally designated in inch, 1/2 inch is the smallest size. For sizes above 2 inch system products are limited.

Rigid Steel Conduit

is the most common type for industrial use. Made of galvanized steel. Standard length is 10 feet (3,05m). The conduit is threaded in both ends, one coupling is included. Approved for installation in hazardous locations.

IMC - Intermediate Metal Conduit

a thin-wall version of rigid steel conduit, our stock standard. Suitable for industrial use also approved for use in hazardous locations.

PVC-coated Steel Conduit

intended for use on corrosive environments. Galvanized steel conduit has been urethane coated on both inside and outside. PVC is also bonded to the outside.

Rigid Aluminum Conduit

an alternative commonly used in the food industry.

EMT - Electrical Metal Tubing

mainly used in commercial installations like buildings. Made of galvanized steel, ends are not threaded, coupling is not included.

Product specialist
Micael Hellström
Conduit types