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Fuses components that protects most electrical circuits. One of the most important for electrical safety. A component that does not always receive the attention it deserves. But - when required – it must work with 100% reliability. It is a fact that is in focus for us - the right fuse for the right application provides reliable protection!

A sustainable development - means among other higher energy efficiency, which also affects the fuses. Modern fuses have lower power losses resulting in savings. But increased efficiency of other components also affects the fuses. More energy efficient transformers and cables may result in higher short-circuit currents, energy-efficient motors have slightly higher starting current - factors that influence the sizing of the fuse. Installation of the adjustable frequency drives will reduce energy consumption but the drive should also be protected - often with high speed fuses. Renewable energy - such as solar and wind – sets new demands for effective protection.

When the job is done -  it shall be replaced - with a fuse of right size and type. There is a great variety of fuses, manufactured according to many international standards and to protect different types of equipment. Two fuses can, at the first glance, look similar but the electrical characteristics may be quite different - wrong replacement fuse may result in a disaster.

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Product specialist

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