CHS Controls Airport lighting

Lighting for increased safety and availability…

  • We supply a full range of lighting fixtures, inset lights, elevated lights and control equipment for these.
  • We can also develop custom solutions for specific applications where standard lights are not always the optimal solution.

Airport lighting plays an important role in high traffic safety at our airports. The lighting will guide the traffic at the airport in a safe and efficient manner. Many might think that one light is the same as another. It is not the case for us.

We provide lighting that sometimes offers "something extra", for example:

  • Full flush inset lights for both airports and heliports, OCEM standard inset lights will be full flush with our special designed protective adapters.
  • Our rugged low-intensity obstruction lights with LED+IR as light source, life expectancy is 15 years without maintenance.

Product specialist

Micael Hellström
Phone +46 42 386102

Special base offers full flush lights

We offer a full flush inset light based on a combination of a special designed base and a standard semi-flush inset light from OCEM.

LED light up the runway

LED light sources have many advantages, long life on the light source, long maintenance interval and energy savings.