Load banks - Portable and stationary types

We supply load banks, from smaller portable units to larger fixed installations, for battery, turbine and generator testing. Regular maintenance including battery discharge/generator load testing is the best way to ensure high reliability. The product line consists of standard portable load units up to 100 kW, larger units are adapted to customer’s requirements.

Benefits of regular load testing

When generator sets are tested it is common that only the motor is started, a load test is not always included. It is a well-known fact that diesel engines that run on low loads will be more unreliable which may inflect the performance when it is really required. These consequences can be avoided if the generator is operated on a load of 40% or more of its rated power. Many users are now fully persuaded, already from the beginning to include a fixed load bank for generator set. The relatively low investment cost is justified by the advantages of regularly being able to test the generator set.


Power Prove, a division of Cressall Resistors, have supplied several load banks to be integrated with the generator set during the last years. It can be load units cooled by self-convection, separately forced cooled units or radiator mounted units.


Power Prove portable load banks - AC testing

  • AC6: 110/240VAC 1-fas, 6kW
  • AC30: 230/400VAC, 15/30kW
  • AC100: 230/400VAC, 33/100 kW
  • AC200: 230/400VAC, 66/200kW, also version for 277/480VAC
  • AC300: 230/400VAC, 100/300kW, also version for 277/480VAC
  • AC500: 230/400VAC, 166/500kW, also version for 277/480VAC
  • AC1350: 230/400VAC, 450/1350kW, also version for 277/480VAC


Power Prove portable load banks - DC testing

  • DC110: 28VDC, 0,6-120A
  • DC70: 54VDC, 0,6-70A
  • DC220: 54VDC, 0,6-190A
  • DC600: 54VDC, 0,6-600A


Power Prove portable load banks – AC/DC testing

  • DUAL30: 120/240V, 31,5kW


Digiload control system

AC200 to AC1350 are equipped with the unique Digiload control system. It provides detailed insight into how the supply under test responds to load changes. All test data is recorded within the system and is exported instantly in .csv format when connecting a USB flash drive.


The integrated touchscreen interface can be used to manually change the load power level or setup an automated schedule of load steps. Once created, load step sequences can be saved and recalled at any time.


Larger stationary load banks for both AC and DC loads

We can also offer larger stationary load banks up to several megawatts as well as custom designs.

Product specialist
Micael Hellström
Product specialist
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