PV combiner boxes with fuses, surge protection and fireman’s switch

PV combiner boxes with fuses and surge protection for installations up to 1000VDC.

The PV combiner box should be installed close to the PV modules.

Overcurrent protection - fuses

The fuses should be able to interrupt the low-fault currents resulting from the failure of the solar cells while they also cope with high fault currents that may result from failure of an inverter. Rated current of the fuse is coordinated with the short-circuit current of the PV module. Two fuses for each string, installed in off-load fuse disconnectors with neon lamp indicator for blown fuse indication is provided.

Overvoltage protection – surge protection device

Type 1/2 lightning/surge arrester or Type 2 surge is installed. If the building is equipped with external lightning protection, Type 1/2 lightning/surge arrester shall be used. For buildings without external lightning protection, Type 2 surge arrester can be used.

Fireman’s switch

The fireman’s switch makes it possible to disconnect the lines between PV panels and the inverter. They allow firefighters to operate without risk of electrocution from live cables. The fireman’s switch is a DC disconnect switch equipped with a time

delay undervoltage release.

Product specialist
Börje Jansson
Product specialist
Micael Hellström
PV combiner boxes with fuses, surge protection and fireman’s switch