Power distribution blocks

Simplify the power distribution in your control panel, try Eaton Bussmann Series power distribution blocks.

It is a cost effective alternative to busbar systems and minimizes the need to splice between various components.

The power distribution blocks are the solution to a common problem, to be able to reliably connect a relatively large conductor with one or more smaller at the same point. The power distribution blocks are single pole but can easily be stacked together to multi-pole units. Mounting on 35 mm DIN rail reduces the installation time. The power distribution block can also be screw fixed to the panel if required.

The terminals are finger safe, ingress protection IP 20, which increases the general safety for the equipment.

The power distribution blocks meet all major international standards and are CE, UL and CSA approved.

Power distribution blocks in UL 508A panels

Assembly short-circuit current rating (SCCR) is required for industrial control panels. Power distribution blocks may be one of the weakest links, an unmarked power distribution block is assigned a short-circuit current rating at 10kA.

Eaton Bussmann Series power distribution blocks are UL listed according to UL1953 and meet the UL508A minimum spacing requirements, air and surface, both for Branch Circuits and Feeder Circuits. The power distribution blocks are UL listed for higher SCCR, up to 200 kA, in combination with Eaton Bussmann Series fuses and Eaton Series G MCCBs.

Product specialist
Börje Jansson
Power distribution blocks