Floor standing

Industrial Modular Enclosures

The PROLINE modular floor standing enclosure system is designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment with particular focus on industrial applications. Each enclosure provides full protection from dirt and dust, moisture, oil and other contaminants and meets the most important industrial standards.

PROLINE is a robust enclosure solution with an innovative modular design that provides powerful expansion capabilities.

Engineered for industrial environments, PROLINE features design which offers users:

  • Fast population
  • Large mounting space
  • More mounting options
  • Very efficient use of interior space
  • Large door openings and improved interior access
  • Easy panel loading
  • Simple ganging and joining options
  • Streamlined field modifications


  • Industrial controls
  • Networking in industrial environments
  • Electrical panels
  • Equipment protection
  • Power distribution
  • HMI controls
  • EMI/EMC (Electromagnetic interference/compatibility) applications
  • Many others

The power of accessability

Easy access to equipment or electronics is important when considering an enclosure. PROLINE enclosures offer large, removable doors for easy installations and access for equipment maintenance.

Sides, bases and tops can also be quickly removed for wiring access or to facilitate repairs. Wide mounting subpanels swing-out so you can stack components and better utilize space, while allowing access to the back of the enclosure for maintenance or troubleshooting your equipment after installation.

Product specialist
Björn Robertsson
Product specialist
Micael Hellström
Floor standing