Air conditioners

When the filter fan may not be enough…

For applications where much heat is generated inside the enclosure, a filter fan and a thermoelectric cooler might not be enough. The solution is an air conditioner.

Our air conditioners are IP56 for the internal loop and IP34 for the external loop.

Applications areas are in general all over the industry where heat is generated and to improve life time of the installed components, an air conditioner might be needed.

The air conditioners use an energy efficient rotary compressor and always together with earth-friendly refrigerants in order to be as energy efficient as possible.

Slim fit design with three mounting options, fully recessed, partial recessed and surface mount.

Easy filter replacement for extremely dusty environments. Dust resistant coil allows filter less operation.

Mounting hardware, gaskets and user manual furnished with the unit

Finish in RAL 7035 light-grey, semi-textured powder-coat paint.


Product specialist
Micael Hellström