Full flush inset lights

Variety of base locks and adapter rings for full flush RWY and TWY lighting.

Standard airport lighting fixtures från OCEM and Eaton Crouse Hinds ALP to be full flush with our special desined base lid and adapter rings.


Inpavements fixtures have a protrusion of 6 mm or 12mm. CHS Controls AB full flush run- and taxiway constuctions contain special designed base lids and adapter rings in combination with standard fixtures from OCEM and Eaton Crouse Hinds ALP Single direction, dual direction and omidirectional full flush run- and taxiway constructions.

Benefits / advantages:

  • Protection against external damages from snow plows and brushes
  • Very long lifetime
  • Very little spare part requirements
  • Ordinary delivery times for fixtures and base lids / adapter rings
  • Base lids for asphalt and concrete run- and taxiways
  • Rapid clearance of run- and taxiways
  • Minimize the problem of tail hook problem on fighter jets


Product specialist
Micael Hellström