Airfield lights

Complete range of fixtures with LED or halogen as light sources.

Base locks and adapter plates that are designed for for full flush lighting to minimize damages during the winter season.


Our product range:

  • Approach fixtures
  • RWY and TWY fixtures, inset
  • RWY and TWY fixtures, elevated
  • Full flush RWY and TWY constructions
  • Obstruction lights
  • Heliport lights
  • Full flush heliport light constructions


The fixtures van be supplied with LED and halogen as light source. LED is today the dominating technology on airports.


Runway and taxiway lights can be supplied with a protective and integrated steel ring against external damage like snow plows, etc.

Standard protrusion for fixtures offered by CHS Controls AB is 6 mm or 12mm.

Product specialist
Micael Hellström
Airfield lights