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2020-06-22: Eaton Bussmann Series new class gBat fuses


Eaton Bussmann Series introduce a new range of battery storage protection fuses.

The fuses are designed according the new standard, IEC60269-7 which include a new utilization class, gBat.

2020-05-04: Product upgrade, colour coded locking devices


Eaton Wiring Devices, Arrow Hart North American locking devices, receptacles, inlets, plugs and connectors have been improved with colour coding to provide you a quick, clear and easy way to identify the circuit voltage.

The colour codes are consistent with IEC60309 standards. NEMA standard configurations for 20-30A will be updated successively to the new colour coded types. 
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2020-04-08; New version of Cressall water cooled modular resistors

Cressall expands the product line of water cooled modular resistors. EV2 are now joined by EVT intended for up to 10kW per module. 

2020-02-11: North American GFCI for personal protection with built-in self-test

The standard for ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for personal protection, 5 mA, UL943 has been upgraded with a self-test requirement.

We can offer Quicklag GFCI and GFCI receptacles that meets the UL943 requirements. 
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