CHs Controls Electrical equipment, North American standards

Product adaptation, the key to success in North America!

CHS Controls has since 30 years been working with the export industry in the Nordic countries in adapting its electrical equipment according to North American standards. Our knowledge of current standards, our market-leading suppliers, combined with broad experience has assisted many export companies to success in the North American market.

The best way to get a satisfied customer is when the supplied product meets the final user´s expectations. A new export market, like North America, involves new challenges. The customer´s expectations on parts of the product - the electrical equipment - may not be in line with expectations from our domestic market. Awareness and consultation may be the difference between success and failure.

Product adaptation is the key when exporting to North America. Adaptation comprises both fulfillments of applicable regulations and to meet customer’s demands/expectations. It is not any insurmountable obstacle, you reach far with awareness and common sense.


Products according to North American standard

North American standard applies mainly for products used in USA, Canada and Mexico. But also other parts of the world use standards that are based on the North American, with some variations. The North American market is approximately of the same size as the European.

For marketing and sales of electrical equipment to North America product adaptation is of major importance. Product adaptation means complying with valid standards and regulations as well as satisfying the final customer's demand for well-known products and easy access to spare parts. It is also important to recognize product responsibility, something that will strike if you meet misfortune. Try to avoid misfortune by obtaining knowledge and seeking aid from those who have knowledge and experience.

Electrical safety in USA is decided on federal, state, regional and local level. Federal regulations are of general nature and compliance is required. Local regulations can differ between states and regions. Much of the differences are due to different climate conditions etc.

USA and Canada have similar regulations but a CSA approval is not valid in USA and the other way around. There are possibilities in both countries to test a product and achieve for example a CSA(us) approval.

All US flagged ships must have equipment that meets standards developed by US Coast Guard.